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The A - Z Of Best Hacking Apps Android

The year 2018 says goodbye, and along the way it leaves us great moments that users and fans of the Android universe will remember for quite, quite a while. Over the past 365 days, we have been fortunate to see and test new applications that have come to Google Play week after week, capable of bringing something new to the store with the largest number of apps on the planet, something for which their Developers deserve all our compliments.

For this reason, before ending this year, it is time to look back and see what have been, for us, the best applications for Android that have reached Google Play throughout 2018.

The best Android apps of each category in 2018.

Telegram X
One of the great advantages of Telegram over other messaging tools is the freedom it offers to third-party developers thanks to the platform's open-source philosophy , so that anyone who wants to can create their own Telegram customers.

At the beginning of 2018 we witnessed the arrival of Telegram X , the first official alternative Telegram client, based on TDLib and developed to offer greater speed along with lower resource consumption compared to the original version. In addition, it is the variant chosen by Telegram to test some experimental characteristics, which makes it the perfect alternative for those who want to be always up to date.

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WhatsApp Business
The most used messaging application in the world has also received a new app this year. WhatsApp launched its company- oriented application this year , through which professionals and companies can get in touch with their customers.

Broadly speaking, WhatsApp Business shares features with the original messaging service application , but adds useful features for businesses.

Steam Link
2018 has been the year that playing PC games from mobile phones has been possible, and all thanks to Steam Link . This tool allows you to connect any Android smartphone to the computer through a Wi-Fi network fast enough, so that the first device can run any of the titles in the computer's games catalog, and even control the games with a physical controller external. According to Valve, developer of the app, this system can offer a 4K resolution up to 60 FPS.

Google Podcasts
We had asked for it, and finally they listened to our wishes. Google launched its own Podcasts application in the middle of this year, with all the tools that any fan user of this type of multimedia content could need when consuming their favorite programs. All this, combined with the Google Material Theme design lines that also debuted several months ago.

Youtube music
Direct to compete with Spotify and Apple Music , YouTube Music arrived mid-year. The musical variant of the most famous multimedia streaming service on the planet is already on Android, and after thoroughly testing the app we realized that, without a doubt, it is able to stand up to the great players of the music streaming league.

In addition, aware that your application needs to catch up in all aspects, Google has ensured that YouTube Music will receive updates with news every two weeks .

Since I discovered this useful tool, it has become an essential app in any of the mobiles I use. Nate is a subscription manager, which allows you to add the weekly, monthly or annual expenses of different services such as Spotify, Netflix, Apple Music and many more platforms . It is also possible to add custom subscriptions, and the app itself will show us how much we spend per month or year on each of the services, as well as the overall expense.

Without doubt the main attraction of the app is its design, simple, minimalist and extremely clean .